Due to the rising expenses associated with delivering quality education, public schools continuously face financial uncertainties.

Because funding comes from fluctuating sources of revenue, school budgeting is uniquely problematical.

Amidst a national, historic economic crisis, no state government has been as severely distressed as California, where years of budget troubles preceded the national crisis.  Due to cuts, funding delays and policy changes that lawmakers implemented in 2009 to address the state budget crisis, state funding for education in California is inadequate for many basic programs and insufficient to fund any enrichment programs.  Local school districts must absorb funding cuts, address cash flow challenges, and plan carefully in order to avoid insolvency.   In a small school district such as Mammoth, funding beyond the basics is exceptionally challenging.

Funding for schools has changed dramatically over the past years.

Today, educational foundations all over the nation are filling the gap between limited public funds and the dollars needed to support educational goals.  The needs of the schools have far outpaced available funding from the district and state.  Meeting basic needs is a challenge, and extras are increasingly unaffordable. In these economic times, and given the staggering budget cuts education has sustained in the State of California, private funding for education has become critically important.

Sources available to the Mammoth School District are insufficient to enable the schools to meet the needs of the students and to continue to provide a high-quality education.  Furthermore, the needs of the Mammoth District have been amplified due to a growing, increasingly diverse population.  Despite passing local and state-wide measures that increase education funding, there are still major shortfalls. Thanks to initiatives and organizations such as the Mammoth Schools NOW Education Foundation, we have been able to face these challenges head on and maintain the ability to look forward in achieving excellence in education.

Reasons to Give.

Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

The Mammoth Schools NOW Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


We hope to increase participation so that eventually every Mammoth area household with children in our schools will contribute. Whether the donation is large or small, we hope to engage our parent community to take ownership and pride in the success of our schools. There are many variables to providing an excellent education, but involved parents and community rank as one of the highest indicators of successful schools.



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